Es’Modec Services 
  1. Design & Build (Interior Sevices)
  2. Landscape Services
  3. Make over
  4. Property Business Consultant

1. Design & Build (Interior sevices)
Service to increase the added value of your property.

We special in terms of:
– Resto
– Hotel
– Offices

2. Landscape Services
Service to added the value of your property.

We special in terms of:
– Resto
– Hotel
– Offices

3. Make over
We (Es’Modec) is here to help provide solutions and added value, especially for property that will be sold again. Such as:

 Façade (Front view of building):
– Residential
– Commercial
– Town House

 Landscape
Re-layout your landscape building, to increase the selling value of your property. Such as:
– Residential
– Commercial / Office House
– Town House

 Interior
We are ready to re-layout your interior to increase and accelerate your property to be sold or to be rent, Especially for: Apartment.


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